"Born in Bavaria, I came into contact with nature through various outdoor sports since I was a child. I held my first camera in my hands at the age of 14, and at the latest after buying the first DSLR while studying medicine, I became fascinated with capturing moments".


After completing his studies, Maximilian moved to Switzerland for work and, in addition to his internship, mountaineering came more and more into his life. In photography as in my original job, I'm attracted by the moments when every minute counts. Be it the unique cloud mood that disappeared shortly afterwards, the perfect moment of a movement in a sports shooting or the acute emergency, it is precisely in these moments that Maximilian is in his element.

In addition to training as a general practitioner, Maximilian holds, among other things, the international Diploma of Mountain Medicine. "With the imagery, I try to convey to the viewer a touch of what I felt at that moment and, in the best case, to convey my enthusiasm for nature and the mountains". At the latest when you are on tour with Maximilian you will feel this enthusiasm and his curiosity will lead him to many remote places.

"As an alpinist I feel at home in wild and rugged places, no place too far"

If you want to work with me, say hello at maximiliangierlphotography@gmail.com



Canon, Gitzo, Lowepro, Breakthrough filters, Dji

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Tel: +41-79 952 84 01

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