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Autumn in Chamonix - Four tips for Photographers

Chamonix is always worth the trip, even more in autumn when colourful trees and hills contrasting icy summits. Im here in the moment and i want to give you 3 Tips for hiking, running or however you go out there.

1. Mer de Glace / Montenvers

From there Parking its about 800 vm to climb up there. In the evening you'll find yourself usually alone there enjoying incredible views to the glacier. Definitely worth hiking up, but especially down after sunset.

2. La jonction

Its quite some elevation to gain to get up to nearly 2600 m above sea level, but the views on the way are already incredible. You start vom the lift station in bosson and follow a marked track. Its sometimes a bit exposed, so watch your step. On top you find yourself in the middle of massive loads of ice. A wonderful place and one of chamonixs top spots. Watch out for the hut!

3. Lac Blanc

Maybe one of the best know places for a good reason. Lac blanc can be reached bei a short hike from the cable car gaining 500 vm meters. Much nicer is starting from col montets and walk all the way over there. The views are wonderful and you'll meet less people along the way. At lac blanc go for the upper lake to enjoy the silence.


If you're keen and experienced in climbing go for Aiguille del belvedere. Its a path starting from the lake and leading up tom the col. The south ridge is a nice UIAA III climb. The views from the top are incredible.

4. Ref. Albert 1er

The Ref. Albert premier stands high up le tour directly aside of the glacier du tour. From the parking its a steep, but short run /hike to the hut covering 1200 vm of elevation gain. At Sujet the mood up there is incredible, while the hut is closed end of september there are only few people around. There is a winter hut where you can sleep. Water near the hut, price per person to sleep 10 €.

Hope i could give you some ideas what to do in Cham, for any questions leave a comment below!

Have a great weekend!


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