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When looking across the alps thee are 7 countries that are included in them. The peaks in Slovenia might not be the highest (Triglav 2800m a s l), but is has remarkable landscapes to offer. In the following ill give you some tips where to go in the Triglav national park which is pretty big. In the following ill give you some inputs where to go on a 4 to 5 day road trip through this country.

1. Mojstrana / Vrata

The small town of Mojstrana is the northern door to the Triglav national park. There is a supermarket in town. Also there is a nice via ferrata directly beside the village which can be done as a family tour. Depending on the size of the kids bring a rope.

Only ten Minutes Drive in the Triglav NP you'll reach the Pericnik falls. Its only a 5 Minutes walk from the parking and you`ll earn stunning views. Don't forget top walk on the back of the fall. If you're like to see more, follow the track in the left side upwards to get to a second waterfall.

At the end of the road you'll reach Varta, a big parking spot which is paid in the summ er season, usually not in September and October. Several Hikes start here, especially most people start there ascent of Triglav here. Its a long hike up covering 2100 vm and some technical terrain. Get some info before going. For more informations go to the Info Center of the NP, just 10 Minutes walk from the parking.

Here are som shoots from my ascent 2017 in little bit challenging conditions.

2. Bled

Probably some of the best known landscapes surrounding the lake of bled with its wonderful island in the southern corner of the lake. There is a castle which offers great views. Its on you if you want to spend 11 Euros per person to get the classic view or if you walk just aside of the castle and find a great lookout for free.

Camping bled is a great and cosy stay for the night and a perfect starting point for the higgle recommended sunrise mission. From the camping its a 30 to 60 Min walk up to Male Osojnica where you'll get a perfect shooting spot for sunrise over the lake and the mountains in the background.

3. Wochainer Lake

A personal highlight is the wochainer lake. Its about 1 hour driving from Bled covering stunning valleys. When reaching the lake my initial thought where, is this Canada? You can hire a Canadian boat for 10 Euros per hour for a stroll over the lake. On the western end there is a campsite and on the very end of the road you can hike for a waterfall called Savica. I recommend to go there early or late in the day to avoid the masses.

4. Bovec

If you'll, ever heard about a river of Slovenia probably its the soca. The blue waters have made it through thousands of photographers lenses and you'll probably push the button more than once when you'll see them. Bovec is a great base for hiking, walking, kayaking. From here you can go up by cable car to the Kanin range, run or hike up the the key mountain svinjak from Kal Koritnica, hike along the soca for hours. If you follow there river upwards make sure to stop an the gorge of Soca, its definitely impressive.

5. Mangart

The maggot road leads up to 2000 meters directly aside of the mangart. Depending on the season you'll have to pay. We went there in early October during the week and didn't have to pay, but usually pull have to. Camping is forbidden.

Fro the end of the road there are several hikes and all of them will offer great views. Mangart can be hiked via its normal route which is easy, but think about its exposition. Due to its northern exposition snow will stay there for longer times. The other option is via a nice via ferrata and afterwards descending via the normal route. As told before, if there is snow micro cramps might be helpful for the descent in autumn.

6. Vrsic Pass

When heading back make sure to go via the vrsic pass. It will lead through wonderful landscapes. If you have time, stop to go for the source of Soca which is a 15 Minutes hike. On the other side there are some nice lakes at Kransjka Gora.

I hope you found this tips helpful, for any questions leave a comment below.


Most of the shots where taken with an Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II while testing the camera for 4 Weeks.

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