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Why your online appearance actually makes a difference?

Online advertisement has gotten a fundamental element of modern marketing serving a huge potential in gaining trust, reach and new customers. Giving this fact, I regularly get in touch with brands, which are using social media and online tools just because “they have to”. So there are obviously doubts in the real results this tool can serve.

Let me tell you an example. Todays customers and also potential Co-Workers most likely find your brand, event or business online, either via google or one of the social media platforms. So I want you to think about the last time you've been looking for something on google. What were points that pointed you more in the direction to have a closer look? Were it professional looking photos, a video or positive recommendations?

In the past I`ve been working with all kinds of brands, either big global players or small businesses like hotels or craftsmanships. But size isn’t the key, a professional online appearance helps every single business. Depending on the field and topic, different Channels will be targeted with professional photos or videos. So what’s the difference to a advertisement in the newspaper or a big screen print? We can exactly track what the results are. This is a gamechanger and gives us constantly the possibility, to change small things to improve the outcome depending on the informations we get.

For a Hotel in Fiesch, Switzerland I created professional images of their rooms 2 years ago. When the owner asks his customers, why they chose his hotel, the most common answer is because they found those images to stand out and inviting. Combining this with a professional social media appearance, what we also teach, he could increase his overall Occupancy rate from 30% to 50%.

Was this helpful for you? Do you have any questions? So lets have a call without any obligation.

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