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Photography & Film  

  - Photo x Videoshootings

  - Editing Services for your footage

  - Social Media Collaborations and Productions

  - Long Form Video Productions

  - Product Shootings

  - Print and Editorial Work


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A image tells more than 1000 words. Showcasing things in the most authentic way is my biggest goal. 

Images are in 99% the first contact of customers with your company, and for that first contact, there is no second chance. 


Videos are more important then ever.

High quality videos make it easy to present your offer and services online. 

Creating emotional relationships with potential customers is just one huge chance of videos in your marketing strategy. 


I offer full service from developing a suitable content strategy to the production and implementation. 

Long term plans are available on request. 


Higher reach

High quality content will lead to a greater audience. 

A consistent appearance makes your company stand out compared to competitors​

Increased sales volume

Show your expertise and make potential clients remember you. 

More customers

You can have the best product in the world, If no one knows, no one buys. With Photos and videos you get that display you need to get people to know you. 

It's a powerful trustbuilding tool

Qualified employees

Show what's going on behind the scenes and make visible why it's worth it to work in your company. Social media is a powerful tool for this too. 

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What our clients say

Martin Baumgartner, Vreni Schneider Sport

"Auf der Suche nach einem authentischen Sport, Alpinismus & Event Fotografen bin ich auf Max gestossen. Er lebt den Sport und so entstehen Bilder aus der richtigen Perspektive! Gerne wieder und absolut empfehlenswert"




Andre Schürrle

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